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Image Host Common Name Host Scientific Name Diagnosis Common Name
10-0023 anemone Anemone x hybrida Botrytis blight
10-0027 rose Rosa sp. downy mildew
10-0029 rose Rosa sp. downy mildew
10-0051 cherry Prunus avium Pseudomonas canker
10-0085b spruce Picea glauca Phytophthora root rot
10-0086 St. John's wort Hypericum calycinum Phytophthora root rot
10-0126 phlox Phlox subulata downy mildew
10-0127 wheat Triticum aestivum Pythium root rot
10-0134a veronica Veronica spicata leafy gall
10-0136 daisy Leucanthemum sp. leafy gall
10-0139 veronica Veronica spicata leafy gall
10-0142 petunia Petunia x hybrida leafy gall
10-0177a blackberry Rubus ursinus crown gall
10-0212a coreopsis Coreopsis sp. leafy gall
10-0217b blueberry Vaccinium corymbosum stem blight
10-0282 maple Acer grandidentatum Phytophthora root rot
10-0290 foxglove Digitalis purpurea downy mildew
10-0297 cucumber Cucumis sativus powdery mildew
10-0306 lilac Syringa vulgaris Phytophthora crown rot
10-0309 peony Paeonia sp. Botrytis blight
10-0313 viburnum Viburnum trilobum bacterial leaf blight
10-0316a brome grass Bromus sp. Pythium root rot
10-0348 Chinese fringe flower Loropetalum chinense bacterial blight
10-0373a doghobble Leucothoe fontanesiana Phytophthora blight
10-0413 camelina Camelina sativa downy mildew
10-0424 fernleaf biscuitroot Lomatium dissectum Lomatium rust
10-0433 cherry laurel Prunus laurocerasus bacterial leaf spot
10-0440 rhododendron Rhododendron sp. bacterial leaf spot
10-0455 raspberry Rubus idaeus bacterial blight
10-0470 forsythia Forsythia sp. bacterial gall
10-0477 raspberry Rubus idaeus Phytophthora root rot
10-0487 peppermint Mentha x piperita Pythium root rot
10-0571 cherry Prunus avium bacterial leaf spot
10-0579 juniper Juniperus squamata Phytophthora root rot
10-0602 grape Vitis vinifera Phytophthora root rot
10-0611b pear Pyrus sp. Pacific coast pear rust
10-0633 apple Malus sylvestris crown gall
10-0717a raspberry Rubus idaeus Phytophthora root rot
10-0724 blueberry Vaccinium corymbosum Botrytis blight
10-0766 barberry Berberis sp. bacterial leaf spot
10-0775 rhubarb Rheum rhabararum Phytophthora root rot
10-0787 spinach Spinacea oleracea Pythium root rot
10-0817 african daisy Osteospermum sp. crown gall
10-0830 verbena Verbena sp. Pythium root rot
10-0851 wheat Triticum aestivum stripe rust
10-0924a ninebark Physocarpus opulifolius powdery midlew
10-0944a mustard Brassica rapa crucifer white rust
10-0970a raspberry Rubus idaeus Botrytis canker following sunburn and/or heat stress
10-0972 cherry Prunus avium bacterial blight
10-1032 mustard greens Brassica juncea Fusarium yellows