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Image Host Common Name Host Scientific Name Diagnosis Common Name
13-0265c garlic Allium sativum Phytophthora
13-0282c beet Beta vulgaris downy mildew
13-0374b tulip Tulipa sp. Botrytis
13-0443b lilac Syringa vulgaris bacterial blight
13-0571a blueberry Vaccinium corymbosum Agrobacterium
13-0728e onion for seed Allium cepa Fusarium basal plate rot
13-0763g sugarbeet for seed Beta vulgaris Fusarium
13-1132 potato Solanum tuberosum fusarium wilt
13-1133 potato Solanum tuberosum late blight
13-1200a peony Paeonia lactiflora botrytis blight
13-1403a lettuce Lactuca sativa downy mildew
13-1712 carrot Daucus carota crown gall
13-1801a mock-orange Philadelphus sp. bacterial blight
14--1371 salal Gaultheria shallon root rot
14-0371 blueberry Vaccinium corymbosum crown gall
14-0405j Iceland poppy Papaver nudicaule downy mildew
14-0624a celosia Celosia 'Fresh Look Red'
14-1239f quinoa Chenopodium quinoa downy mildew
14-1279 blueberry Vaccinium corymbosum
14-1330e garlic Allium sativum basal plate rot
14-1444-1626_blackberry_rust blackberry Rubus ursinus hybrids cane and leaf rust
14-1659b onion Allium cepa basal plate rot
14-1722a garlic Allium sativum basal plate rot
14-1722f garlic Allium sativum basal plate rot
14-1845 onion Allium cepa downy mildew
14-1846b tomato Lycopersicon esculentum late blight
14-1909 Easter Lily Lilium longiflorum leaf and stem blight
14-2279 filbert Corylus avellana powdery mildew
14-2648 geum Geum sp. downy mildew
14-2688a salvia Salvia sp. bacterial leaf blight
15-0119a red raspberry Rubus idaeus cane and leaf rust
15-0737 verbena Verbena x hybrida botrytis blight
15-0836c garlic Allium sativum basal plate rot
15-0850b field pea Pisum sativum var. arvense downy mildew
15-1358c garlic Allium sativum basal plate rot
15-1358d garlic Allium sativum basal plate rot
15-1447c elephant garlic Allium ampeloprasum basal plate rot
15-1456c garlic Allium sativum Fusarium basal plate rot
15-1457 garlic Allium sativum stem plate decay
15-1457a garlic Allium sativum stem plate decay
15-1682 quinoa Chenopodium quinoa Fusarium root rot; Downy Mildew