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Image Host Common Name Host Scientific Name Diagnosis Common Name
10-0455 raspberry Rubus idaeus bacterial blight
10-0470 forsythia Forsythia sp. bacterial gall
10-0471a rhubarb Rheum rhabararum virus
10-0477 raspberry Rubus idaeus Phytophthora root rot
10-0487 peppermint Mentha x piperita Pythium root rot
10-0505 hop Humulus lupulus Hop mosaic
10-0527a oak Quercus garryana gall wasps
10-0531 violet Viola sp. cecidomyiid fly
10-0537 cherry Prunus avium shot hole
10-0538 lobelia Lobelia sp. Impatiens necrotic spot
10-0566 rose Rosa sp. black spot
10-0571 cherry Prunus avium bacterial leaf spot
10-0575a blueberry Vaccinium corymbosum bacterial blight
10-0579 juniper Juniperus squamata Phytophthora root rot
10-0587 rhubarb Rheum rhabarbarum leaf spot
10-0588a onion Allium cepa black mold
10-0596 wheat Triticum aestivum take all
10-0602 grape Vitis vinifera Phytophthora root rot
10-0605a pepper Capsicum annuum Impatiens necrotic spot
10-0611b pear Pyrus sp. Pacific coast pear rust
10-0620a boxwood Buxus sempervirens Volutella leaf blight
10-0622 hawthorn Crataegus x mordenensis abiotic - chemical injury
10-0630 raspberry Rubus occidentalis Ascospora dieback
10-0633 apple Malus sylvestris crown gall
10-0634 bok choi Brassica rapa club root
10-0639 hop Humulus lupulus hop mosaic
10-0674 blueberry Vaccinium corymbosum angular leaf spot
10-0717a raspberry Rubus idaeus Phytophthora root rot
10-0724 blueberry Vaccinium corymbosum Botrytis blight
10-0744 million bells Calibrachoa sp. black root rot
10-0749 blueberry Vaccinium corymbosum abiotic hail damage
10-0758 alfalfa Medicago sativa stem nematodes
10-0766 barberry Berberis sp. bacterial leaf spot
10-0775 rhubarb Rheum rhabararum Phytophthora root rot
10-0777 blueberry Vaccinium corymbosum abiotic nutritional deficiency
10-0778 blueberry Vaccinium corymbosum abiotic nutritional deficiency
10-0779 elm Ulmus americana Nectria canker
10-0782a blackberry Rubus ursinus hybrids abiotic chemical injury
10-0784a clover Trifolium repens Phoma leaf spot
10-0787 spinach Spinacea oleracea Pythium root rot
10-0789 peony Paeonia sp. abiotc insect feeding damage
10-0792 carrot Daucus carota sativus black root rot
10-0796 grape Vitis vinifera abiotic Boron deficiency
10-0808 dogwood Cornus kousa dogwood anthracnose
10-0812 plum Prunus sp. abiotic herbicide drift
10-0817 african daisy Osteospermum sp. crown gall
10-0827 grape Vitis vinifera Armillaria root rot
10-0830 verbena Verbena sp. Pythium root rot
10-0831 dahlia Dahlia sp. virus
10-0832a dahlia Dahlia sp. bacterial soft rot