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Image Host Common Name Host Scientific Name Diagnosis Common Name
12-1624b apple Malus domestica 'Jazz' phytophthora
12-1629a mountain sandwort Arenaria montana abiotic chemical injury
12-1639d wheat Triticum aestivum septoria leaf botch
12-1660b apple Malus domestica 'Gala' cylindrocarpon
13-0019c wallflower Erysimum sp. bacterial blight
13-0030c Douglas-fir Pseudotsuga menziesii web blight
13-0045a pear Pyrus communis canker
13-0093 English boxwood Buxus sempervirens boxwood blight
13-0099a grape Vitis vinifera grapevine decline
13-0219 serviceberry Amelanchier sp. Phytophthora
13-0220 noble fir Abies procera interior needle blight
13-0265c garlic Allium sativum Phytophthora
13-0282c beet Beta vulgaris downy mildew
13-0312 tulip Tulipa sp. bulb mite
13-0374b tulip Tulipa sp. Botrytis
13-0405 blackberry Rubus ursinus hybrids anthracnose
13-0443b lilac Syringa vulgaris bacterial blight
13-0571a blueberry Vaccinium corymbosum Agrobacterium
13-0587a raspberry Rubus occidentalis cane blight following wounding
13-0588b grape Vitis vinifera erenium mites
13-0614a blueberry Vacciunium corymbosum abiotic chemical injury
13-0704h apple Malus domestica Cytospora canker
13-0710g noble fir Abies procera annosus root rot
13-0728e onion for seed Allium cepa Fusarium basal plate rot
13-0738 corn Zea Mays stalk rot
13-0748b atlas blue cedar Cedrus atlantica tip/needle blight
13-0759 noble fir Abies procera needle blight
13-0763g sugarbeet for seed Beta vulgaris Fusarium
13-0772 spinach Spinacia oleracea Cladosporium
13-0784b onion Allium cepa Iris yellow spot virus (transmitted by onion thrips)
13-0940e blackberry Rubus ursinus hybrids purple blotch
13-1037i blueberry Vaccinium corymbosum sunscald
13-1132 potato Solanum tuberosum fusarium wilt
13-1133 potato Solanum tuberosum late blight
13-1200a peony Paeonia lactiflora botrytis blight
13-1211 blackberry Rubus ursinus hybrids Raspberry bushy dwarf virus
13-1350b black walnut Juglans nigra Botryosphaeria canker and walnut twig beetles
13-1403a lettuce Lactuca sativa downy mildew
13-1712 carrot Daucus carota crown gall
13-1801a mock-orange Philadelphus sp. bacterial blight
14--1371 salal Gaultheria shallon root rot
14-0286 Pericallis 'Senetti' Pericallis x hybrida Impatiens Necrotic Spot Virus
14-0371 blueberry Vaccinium corymbosum crown gall
14-0405j Iceland poppy Papaver nudicaule downy mildew
14-0409a filbert Corylus avellana Eastern filbert blight
14-0410 filbert Corylus avellana abiotic winter injury
14-0463 English boxwood Buxus sempervirens abiotic winter injury
14-0486 apple Malus domestica abiotic winter injury
14-0579b apple Malus domestica abiotic cold injury
14-0584a hebe Hebe 'Autumn Glory'