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Services and Fees

Current Charges
Insect/mite and other arthropod identifications are currently provided free of charge.

Disease Diagnosis Services

Plant disease diagnosis = $75.00 per sample
This is our most frequently requested service. The service includes overall evaluation, including microscopic exam, results from a moist chamber, isolations onto artificial nutrient media, and identification of fungi or bacteria to genus.
Viruses are diagnosed using serology or electron microscopy. Measurement of soil pH and total soluble salts will be performed if necessary. Management recommendations are included.

Specialized Identification Services

Bacterial identifications

Identification of purified bacterial cultures = $60.00/culture
This service identifies purified plant related bacterial cultures using Biolog. This method uses a microtitre plate filled with different carbon sources and identifies bacteria according to their metabolic profile; ID will be to species when possible.

Assaying for Agrobacterium species in symptomless material
$130 per sample

Fungal or Bacterial ID via PCR (where available)


Phytophthora Detection via ELISA
$45 for one sample; $20 per additional sample

Testing Soil or Water for Phytophthora via Baiting
$75 per sample

Viral identifications

Virus identification via serological assay (ELISA)
These fees are for those plant samples that are submitted specifically with a request to test for viruses. The cost of virus testing is based on the number of samples submitted and the number of viruses for which the samples are to be tested.

$75 for one sample/one virus.

additional samples = $20.00 each
additional virus = $15.00 each

Virus testing done by an outside company = Cost of testing + postage
It is occasionally necessary to send a sample out to a third part for testing. The fees associated with doing so are dependent on the fees charged by the testing service. That fee is passed along to our client without any additional charge.

Seed assays

$90/seed sample (Kabatiella, Phoma, Ascochyta, Gloeotinia)

Water assays

Phytophthora or Pythium testing of water via filtration.  Advance notice is required and samples can be accepted only Monday - Wednesday. $110/sample

Soil assays

Assaying field soil for the presence of Verticillium = $55.00/soil sample.
This service analyzes the soil samples for propagules of the fungus Verticillium dahliae. We suggest a minimum of 5 samples per acre in order to get a reasonable representation of the field. This test takes a minimum of 4 weeks.

Rush samples

Plant samples to be done on a “rush” basis = $175.00 per sample
This includes an extremely thorough investigation, with results available in most cases in 24 hours. This includes evaluation for fungal and other diseases; no additional fees are assessed for culturing or other methods needed to reach a diagnosis.
This service is not available at all times. Please call to confirm it is available before submitting a sample.

Special assays and ID services = $175/ hour

Other services

Other services not listed here may be available. Call for information.

Out of state samples

ALL SAMPLES received from out-of-state will be assessed an additional 50% surcharge.

Factors used to set fees include cost of materials, supplies, clerical support, and a portion of the labor required to perform the tests. The remainder of the costs are paid by the OSU Extension Service as part of its education mission.